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Disc Jockey in CANADA Network


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LATEST SCOOP: February 2009
NEW E-mail Address!
Here is our new e-mail address:
To avoid spam, it is not an active link, but it does work.

January 2009
We now have a new name: "Disc Jockey in Canada Network", 'DJCN' for short. Our web-site has also been updated. We are now in our 9th year of operation. FREE to join from the start, once again we are Canada's only national FREE DJ network/association! Very shortly a new e-mail address will be revealed. In the meantime, Canadian DJs, DJ companies and suppliers are welcome to apply for a FREE membership! But, please don't waste both your & our times by not following the application instructions. Other companies are waiting to join & we are trying to review each and every application.

Is your company no longer listed? What happened to all those listings? Well, our DJ Directory has been replaced with a FREE "Link Exchange" program. One applicant made the point of: "Why would I want to link to other DJs"? It's a good point. The reverse thinking was then applied to our listings... "why should we list or link to anyone who doesn't link back to us". Hence the creation of our Link Exchange program. The name says it all.
Only companies who have installed & maintained an active link back to our site: will be listed and linked to. DJCN members who don't have a web-site but have their DJCN membership noted in their phonebook ads will also be listed.

With this new year, watch for more activity here. More information will be posted; applications will be addressed more quickly; as mentioned above, a new e-mail address will be listed; watch for more listings in our Link Exchange; and a few extra things!

(Repeat item, but still useful.) CROSS BORDER SHOPPING !
Canada Customs states that there is NO duty on any DJ equipment manufactured in the USA. However, you must still pay GST on your purchases!
Also consider this, should anything go wrong, you won't be able to get any warranty work done here in Canada!

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Anything below these double lines has nothing to do with this site!!