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Below are some questions that you may want to ask.

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Not all Banquet Halls are alike. Not all DJs are alike. Before you commit your hard earned money, there's some questions that you should be asking.

Does the hall allow you to choose your own DJ?
Does the hall allow your DJ to use his/her own equipment?
Does the hall have any restrictions on volume, type of function, or type of music played?
Does the hall have any extra fees or charges?
Will the hall allow the DJ to set up early?
( Don't be alarmed, most Banquet Halls are easy to deal with. )

Does the DJ have the songs you'd like to hear?
Will the DJ play your requests?
Is the DJ insured?
If copied music is being used, is the DJ licensed by the AVLA?
What type of music source is used? ie: cds, mini discs, tapes...
Is the DJ familiar with your type of function?
Will the DJ dress appropriately?
Does the DJ have back-up: personnel and equipment?
Does the DJ have various size sound systems?
Does the DJ have lighting and special effects available?
Does the DJ use professional quality equipment?
Is the DJ listed in our Disc Jockey Directory, below?
Make sure the DJ uses a contract, and you receive a copy of it!

Most Importantly Of All, no matter whom you deal with:

(written by: Bob Klein)

Hopefully after reading this section, you'll have a better understanding of DJs and their craft.
First of all, NO Disc Jockey is out to ruin your evening or event. Most common complaints simply turn out to be a misunderstanding. Here's some statements and explanations:

"The music was too loud."
- How close to the speakers were you?
- Did the majority of guests seem uncomfortable with the volume?
- Did you politely ask the DJ to turn it down a bit?
- Perhaps the DJ was told to have it that loud!
- Most DJs know the proper volume for most functions and group sizes.

"The music was too quiet."
(Alright, some of you stop your laughing. DJs also get asked to turn it up!)
- How far away from the speakers were you?
- Was the DJ properly informed as to how many guests would be there, and how large the venue was?
- Did the purchaser book a large enough sound system?
- Was the DJ told to turn it down or keep it that quiet?
- Was the DJ using his/her own equipment?

"The DJ didn't play any or enough good songs."
(Some people don't seem to understand the phrase: 'different strokes for different folks'. That couldn't apply more than it does to music! Just go up and down your radio dial and listen. If everybody had the same taste in music, every station would play the same thing. DJs understand this and try to play something for everyone.)
- Was the DJ given a playlist from the purchaser or contracted to play a certain style of music?
- Were requests being played?
- Did you submit a song request?
- Were people dancing and/or having a good time?

"The DJ didn't play my request(s) right away."
- Maybe the DJ already had other requests to play before yours.
- Maybe your request(s) didn't have the right tempo/beat/subject matter/style for that moment.

"The DJ didn't play my request(s) at all."
- Was your request already played earlier?
- Was the DJ told what to or not to play by the purchaser?
- Were your requests appropriate?
- Was the DJ allowed to play requests?
- Was there enough time for all the requests to be played?
- Was your request so new that the DJ had no opportunity to obtain it yet?
- Were you requesting a "hit"?
- Perhaps, from experience, the DJ knew that your request would not be well received by the other guests.

"The DJ didn't talk enough or talked too much."
(Once again, different strokes...)
- Perhaps the purchaser told the DJ how much or how little talking to do.

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